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The American Opportunity Index measures how well America’s largest companies drive economic mobility and positive career outcomes for their employees—actions that also can help fuel business performance. It is based on independent data and is the only measure of employer quality to evaluate what really happens to workers at America’s largest employers over time.

Explore profiles of every company and the data behind their performance. Browse by sector or a full alphabetical list that can be sorted by the five categories used to assemble the Index.

We have updated this year’s Index with more companies and new assessment metrics to create a more nuanced and accurate data tool for businesses and their employees.

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The overall score of each company is based on five metrics:

: top 100 in Overall

Measures a company's overall performance across five core metrics: Hiring, Pay, Promotion, Parity, and Culture.
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: top 100 in Hiring

Measures how well companies hire people without degrees and those with little experience.
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: top 100 in Pay

Measures how well companies pay their employees and increase their compensation over time.
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: top 100 in Promotion

Measures how well companies move people up and prepare them for better jobs elsewhere.
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: top 100 in Parity

Measures how well companies move people up equally, regardless of race or gender.
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: top 100 in Culture

Measures how well companies retain their employees and build their careers.
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